Psychological assessment refers to testing or evaluating individuals for their social, emotional, developmental, educational standing. Using a combination of various techniques and psychological tools, assessment gives us an insight into the individual’s personality and thoughts. It also gives a better understanding about the individual’s functioning and behaviour.

Assessment could be formal or informal. Formal assessment consists of administering various psychological test batteries and screening the individual with standardised checklists. Informal evaluation, however, is based on unstructured interviews and observations.


Once testing and assessment is complete, the gathered information is used to arrive at a conceptualization or diagnosis of the problem. In combination with core counselling principles, various therapies are used in the treatment plan. Cognitive therapy, Behaviour therapy, Rational Emotive behaviour therapy, Play therapy is regularly employed as a part of the treatment plan.

Individual and group sessions are conducted as per the requirement of the clients. Besides, family therapy, interpersonal therapy and client-centred therapy are also extensively used.


Training workshops are conducted on a regular basis for school teachers to aid them in understanding and assessing their students better. Workshops are also conducted for parents, health professionals, social workers to gain a better understanding about the psycho-dynamics. Corporate workshops are offered on various subjects such as team building, leadership skills, stress management, effective communication, de-addiction and so on.

Remedial Education

We cater to the educational needs of children thereby enabling them to achieve their required academic competencies and skills. Extensive phonics training sessions are conducted for kids to help them read and write with ease. Specific language development modules are devised for those with reading and writing difficulties. We also provide educational assistance to those with special needs as in ADHD, autism, intellectual Impairment, learning difficulty or emotional disturbances. Visual-Auditory-Kinaesthetic and Tactile modalities are used to give the children the required learning.